AES is an international power company with headquarters in Rosslyn, Virginia. AES is committed to improving lives and making a lasting difference in the communities in which it operates. AES focuses on a wide range of social, economic and environmental initiatives that improve the lives of its customers and communities; protects the environments in which it operates; empowers its people and businesses, and improves long-term returns to its investors. AES has received numerous awards including recognition as a 2015 World’s Most Ethical Company by Ethisphere Institute, as well as a Top Workplace by The Washington Post in partnership with WorkPlace Dynamics. AES also received the Outstanding Industry Achievement Award in 2014 and AES’ CEO, André Gluski was appointed in September 2013 by President Obama to the President’s Export Council. Mr. Gluski was also just recently named the Chairman of the Americas Society and Council of the Americas (AS/COS). AES has been committed to furthering the BroadFutures program since its inception. It served as an employer partner for our first pilot in the summer of 2014, employing two BroadFutures interns. The experience was such a success for both the interns and for AES, that AES elected to participate in the program again in the summer of 2015, once again taking on two BroadFutures interns. AES understands that the BroadFutures program delivers a great benefit both to the interns it serves, but also to its employers. AES appreciates the dualistic benefit of the BroadFutures model, and embraces the benefits and importance of a diverse workforce.

“I really want to thank, actually, you, for making this opportunity possible and really would recommend for other employers to be more inclusive. You don’t do it for the people you’re including; you’re doing it for yourselves. Because including everyone makes you better.” – André Gluski, CEO


AAPD is one of the Nation’s largest disability rights organization. AAPD’s mission is to promote equality, opportunity, economic power, independent living and political participation for people with disabilities. AAPD proudly serves people with disabilities, their families, friends, and supporters.


AUCD is a membership organization that supports and promotes a national network of university-based interdisciplinary programs. These programs serve and are located in every U.S. state and territory and are all part of universities or medical centers. They serve as a bridge between the university and the community, bringing together the resources of both to achieve meaningful change. Through its members, AUCD is a resource for local, state, national, and international agencies, organizations, and policy makers concerned about people living with developmental and other disabilities and their families. AUCD programs also train the next generation of leaders in disability-related research, training, service delivery, and policy advocacy to insure that this essential work continues. AUCD enthusiastically began its partnership with BroadFutures during our Summer 2015 pilot program. One AUCD employee commented on the partnership, saying that the BroadFutures staff and mentors’ deep commitment to the program’s mission was evident not only in their work and conversations, but even in AUCD’s interactions with the interns. The experience was such a success for both the interns and for AUCD that AUCD has elected to participate in the program again during our Winter 2016 program.

“I was very impressed with the overall experience. All of the staff and mentors seem so committed with the mission of BroadFutures and I think it truly shows in your work and conversations and even interactions with the interns. They seem to gain so much from the experience.” – Jessica Finkel, Program Assistant


APA is the leading scientific and professional organization representing psychology in the United States. Its mission is to advance the creation, communication and application of psychological knowledge to benefit society and improve people’s lives. APA’s mission is accomplished through encouraging the development and application of psychology, promoting research and improved research methods, improving the qualifications and usefulness of psychologists, and increasing and disseminating psychological knowledge. APA represents more than 122,500 researchers, educators, clinicians, consultants and students as its members. APA is committed to furthering the BroadFutures mission and joined enthusiastically as an employer partner by taking on two interns this summer, one serving in the finance department and one in human resources. APA understands the mutually beneficial nature of the employer partner relationship and that the BroadFutures program delivers a great benefit both to the interns it serves, but also to its employers on a variety of levels. APA appreciates BroadFutures mission and sees its mission directly aligned with BroadFutures. APA joined as an employer partner for our summer 2015 program, hosting two BroadFutures interns. In addition to serving as an employer partner, APA is an employer partner sponsor for our Fall Gala. We look forward to continue to partner with APA in 2016.

“When BroadFutures approached me earlier this year to share information about the organization it became instantly clear that APA’s mission and values were very much in line with that of BroadFutures. As I shared information with the various groups within APA to solicit their feedback, all I received was an enthusiastic thumbs up, particularly from our executive staff. I was delighted this summer when we were finally able to welcome two BroadFutures interns. I believe strongly that we all benefited from the experience – the interns benefited from being exposed to the work we do at APA, and the staff at APA benefited from the personal and business interactions we had with two very bright and talented students from the BroadFutures program.” – Ismael Rivera, Director Human Resources & EEO Officer


Access Partnership is an international public policy service organization, helping some of the world’s leading information and communication technology (ICT) companies gain access to new markets, drive sales, meet regulatory goals, shape policy outcomes and introduce new services into previously under-served markets. Access Partnership’s expertise in the areas of government relations, regulatory affairs and technical analysis allow them to provide their clients with a range of solutions that address all of their trade, public affairs and licensing needs. Access Partnership enthusiastically partnered with BroadFutures during our Summer 2015 pilot program. The partnership was such a success, that Access Partnership offered our BroadFutures intern to work with them in a part time capacity. We look forward to a continued partnership with Access Partnership and working with them again.

“I was impressed with the program in general, but the support BroadFutures provided for their employers while taking on interns was remarkable. BroadFutures helped us as an employer, understand the personality of the intern and helped us to prepare and plan ahead for the use of intern.” – Kathryn Martin, Director


Griffin & Company, Inc. is a Washington, D.C. based public relations and marketing communications agency, founded by Cary B. Griffin in 1989. The firm is renowned for delivering strategic and innovative marketing communications solutions for the residential and commercial building and construction industries, including national product brands, trade associations, industry publications, architects, builders, remodelers and developers. Griffin has passionately committed to furthering the Broad Futures mission by serving as an employer partner for all three of our pilot programs. Due to the success of our interns under Griffin’s holistic supervision, the firm has signed on yet again to be an employer partner for our Winter 2016 pilot program. Griffin’s acknowledgment that the Broad Futures model works – providing interns access to invaluable work experience and providing employers a resource for talent – is paramount to their willingness to continue the partnership. In addition to serving as an employer partner, Griffin has provided pro bono public relations services to Broad Futures during this critical initial phase of promotion. We are incredibly grateful for Griffin’s commitment to the Broad Futures program and look forward to a continued partnership as we grow.

“We are honored to partner with Broad Futures for its pilot programs. As a parent of an emerging young adult with learning challenges, it is imperative that we offer intern programs that recognize and mentor these unique individuals so they can succeed as adults. The more employers embrace this program, the more doors will open for our young adults.” – Cary Griffin, CEO


Marshall Moya Design is an award-winning, multicultural, multidimensional architectural design firm, located in Washington, DC, serving the National’s capital, as well as Maryland and Virginia. Marshall Moya Design is passionate about advancing communities and social causes. They encourage global perspectives with a belief that diverse backgrounds inspire broader thinking. To this end, Marshall Moya has been a stalwart supporter of the BroadFutures mission to promote the hiring of persons with disabilities. Marshall Moya Design has received numerous awards, including The SmartCEO Skyline and Brava Awards in 2015 and The Washington Business Journal Minority Business Leader Award for both Michael Marshall and Paolo Moya, the Dandi Award for Diversity and Inclusion in 2014, and The National Organization of Minority Architects Visionary award and Excellence honor in 2013. Paola Moya has also been honored as one of The Washington Business Journal’s “40 under 40.” Marshall Moya Design has served as an employer partner for both our Winter and Summer 2015 pilots and has done so with passion and thoughtful focus on harnessing the creativity and confidence of each intern, resulting in great success. Michael Marshall, Design Director and Principal at Marshall Moya is excited about his firm’s partnership with BroadFutures, saying it best himself. Due to the continued success of our interns under Marshall Moya Design’s holistic supervision, the firm has signed on yet again to be an employer partner for our Winter 2015 pilot and has offered our intern continuing work at Marshall Moya.

“We at Marshall Moya Design are excited to be working with BroadFutures. Getting to know the wonderful and talented young people who have supported our firm has been a great experience, working hand-in-hand with the interns on projects that have been important to me personally and professionally. I think BroadFutures is positioned just at the right time in the lives of the young people you serve to foster self-esteem and self-confidence to open up a whole world of possibilities for their lives. It is a privilege to be part of your mission.” – Michael Marshall, Design Director and Principal


The Treatment and Learning Centers (TLC) is a private, non-profit organization founded in 1950 in Rockville, MD that annually serves more than 2,200 children and adults with a wide range of special needs. Their mission is to improve the lives and expand possibilities for individuals with disabilities through offering a family of services within one organization. They serve families from Montgomery County, Howard County, Frederick, Washington DC, and northern Virginia. TLC’s staff and innovative programs work to provide a foundation for the achievement of greater personal independence and success for all of their clients, from the youngest child to the oldest adult. TLC began its partnership with BroadFutures during our Winter 2015 pilot program. TLC described their BroadFutures intern as confident, believed in her training, and was well prepared. The experience was a great success for both TLC and BroadFutures, reflected in their extension of the internship for our BroadFutures intern. We look forward to continuing to work with TLC.


The Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) is an independent, not-for-profit corporation designated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as the administrator of universal service. USAC works to protect the integrity of universal service through informing and educating program audiences, collecting and distributing contributions, and promoting program compliance. USAC was created in 1997 as a not-for-profit subsidiary of the National Exchange Carrier Association (NECA) and has three divisions that administer the four universal service support programs: High Cost and Low Income, Rural Health Care, and Schools and Libraries divisions. USAC joined as an employer partner this past summer during our Summer 2015 pilot program. Throughout the program USAC was most impressed with BroadFutures’ commitment to helping young people succeed. The partnership was a great success for both USAC and BroadFutures and USAC has already signed on to be an employer partner for our Winter 2016 program.


The Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage is a research and educational unit of the Smithsonian Institution promoting the understanding and continuity of diverse, contemporary grassroots cultures in the United States and around the world. The Center is dedicated to the collaborative research, presentation, conservation, and continuity of traditional knowledge and artistry with diverse contemporary cultural communities in the United States and around the world. It produces the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, exhibitions, documentary films and videos, symposia, publications, and educational materials. The Center conducts ethnographic and cultural heritage policy oriented research, maintains the Ralph Rinzler Folklife Archives and Collections, and provides educational and research opportunities through fellowships, internships, and training programs. The Center’s philosophy is to join high-quality scholarship with strong community participation and engaging educational outreach. The Center’s focus on community and educational partnership led them to join forces with BroadFutures, and they took on one intern during our Winter 2015 pilot program. At the conclusion of the program, The Center described their overall experience with BroadFutures as “excellent”, said they would be willing to work with BroadFutures again, and would recommend BroadFutures highly to other organizations.


Congressman Chris Van Hollen

Congressman Van Hollen represents the 8th District in Maryland and has been proudly serving in Congress since 2002. Congressman Van Hollen is a tireless advocate for Maryland in Congress, and his leadership has helped to obtain funding for a wide range of critical investments in our community, including infrastructure, biotechnology, and education; public transportation in the Washington National Capital area; and anti-gang initiatives. He works tirelessly to advance policies that support job creation and economic growth, and as been a champion of education, veterans, energy, the environment, health care, civil rights, and small business.  He was given the “Courageous Leadership Award” from The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Committee and was recognized by Washingtonian Magazine as the “Best Metro Area Member of Congress” and as the “Best Local Elected Official” by Bethesda Magazine.  Congressman Van Hollen is also passionate about improving the lives of individuals with disabilities and was given the first ever BroadFutures’ Champion Award at our Fall Gala.

girl scouts

US dairy export council

Ralph W. Alman Jr., DDS

Dr. Alman is recognized as a Washingtonian Top Oral Surgeon. He is board certified in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery and Dental Anesthesiology. He serves as the Vice Chairman of the Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at Washington Hospital Center, where he has been teaching since 1982. Dr. Alman’s office is dedicated to providing patients and their families a warm, caring and friendly environment. They offer the highest level of professional patient treatment with the latest technologies including cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), digital x-rays and electronic patient records. His practices focuses on dental implants, wisdom teeth, office based oral surgery and anesthesia.

Eagle Bank is one of the leading community banks in the Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. area. Founded with a desire to shape the typical banking style and include banking in local communities, Eagle Bank has a mission to be the most respected and profitable community bank. As such, they choose to put relationships first to the delight of their customers, employees, and shareholders, and strive to deliver the most compelling service and value. Their four main values coexist in the acronym F*I*R*S*T, translating to flexible, involved, responsive, strong, and trusted. Each value plays a role in their commitment to all customers, employees, and shareholders, which promotes a diverse, inclusive, and supportive working environment, and thus, a diverse, inclusive, and supportive community. Eagle Bank’s emphasis on community resonates well with us at BroadFutures, in our ambitions to create a more diverse and inclusionary community in the workplace. Eagle Bank began its partnership with BroadFutures during our Winter 2017 program. The internship was such a success, that have continued partner with us. Supervisor Michelle Battle of Eagle Bank described the benefit of having a BroadFutures intern on staff:

“I was impressed with the program in general, but the support BroadFutures provided for their employers while taking on interns was remarkable. BroadFutures helped us as an employer, understand the personality of the intern and helped us to prepare and plan ahead for the use of intern.” – Kathryn Martin, Director

“Our workplace benefited by having a young, enthusiastic person working among us which made us step it up more by setting the best example for her. I believe that businesses should support programs like BroadFutures that equip young people with the tools they need for a better life. We look forward to continuing to work with Eagle Bank in the future.”