carolyn jeppsen
Carolyn Jeppsen

Carolyn is passionate about working to find solutions to the challenges that individuals with disabilities face. She has devoted over ten years serving on the Boards that serve individuals with disabilities including The Kingsbury Center, an educational institution serving individuals with learning disabilities and The River School, where children with hearing loss are educated in an inclusive setting. Carolyn has chaired two strategic planning efforts, a CEO transition and permanent search, and helped draft numerous Board Governance documents. Carolyn has additionally served as Secretary and member of the Executive, Nominating, Finance, and Development Committees of the Boards on which she has sat.

brad holmes
Brad Holmes
Co-Founder/Chair of the Board

Brad has devoted himself to improving the lives of persons with disabilities.  He served for 10 years on the Board of the Kingsbury Center and for four years as its Chair. He was instrumental in leading the institution through a change of leadership and a strategic planning process.  Brad has also served on the Boards of the American Association of Persons with Disabilities and Global Rights.

diana eisenstat
Diana Eisenstat
Co-Founder/Director of Outreach

Diana has been actively engaged with non-profit organizations serving children with learning disabilities and mental health challenges.  She has served as an officer on the Board of the Reginald Lourie Center for Infants and Children in Rockville, MD. She also served on the Board of The Kingbsury Center for many years, shepherding the Institution through two changes of leadership.

Laurie Thomas
Laurie Thomas
Director of Program Support
ADHD/Executive Function Coach

Laurie serves as the Director of Program Support, providing critical guidance, support and coaching to our interns as well as our employers, ensuring successful outcomes for both. Laurie is passionate about empowering individuals with ADHD and learning disabilities.

Nyasha Chimbanda
Nyasha Chimbanda
Director of Operations

Nyasha, originally from Zimbabwe, comes to us from South Africa with a strong background in community engagement, youth employment initiatives and workforce training. He is passionate about promoting youth employment, skills development and has a particular interest in communication. Nyasha earned his Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management from the Management College of Southern Africa. He is committed to the development of sustainable social entrepreneurship initiatives to improve the living conditions of underprivileged communities.

Meaghan Koskella
Program Intern

Meaghan is passionate about promoting the awareness and importance of learning disabilities in the workplace as well as the classroom. With a history of working with children and young adults with learning disabilities,  she believes strongly that all individuals have the ability to achieve their goals. Meaghan is a psychology student pursuing her B.A. at American University, where she is also a human rights advocate, a relay for life sponsor, and a Sigma Kappa collegiate member. Her long-term goals include becoming an occupational therapist with a focus on helping young adults improve their cognitive, physical, sensory, and motor skills to increase their self-esteem and overall sense of accomplishment. Meaghan is originally from Fall River, Massachusetts, and is currently residing in Washington, DC. 

thomas carey
Thomas Carey
Web Master and Graphics Advisor

Thomas has designed and built websites for multiple organizations, including Serengetee, Meals on Wheels of Bennington County, Fostering Change for Children, and Noosphere Marketing. Thomas has served as CTO of Serengetee, as a Mechanical Engineering Intern at Medtronic Diabetes, and as a Research Engineer at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Thomas received his B.S. in Engineering and Biology from Harvey Mudd College. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Bioengineering at UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco, and he lives in Berkeley, California.