Carolyn Jeppsen

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in BroadFutures!!

What began as theoretical discussions in coffee shops with my partners Diana Eisenstat and Brad Holmes, in addition to countless other friends and advisors, has now, after many more coffees and much work in between, turned into a mission driven reality. I am incredibly humbled and grateful for the many hours that people have devoted to our efforts. These sincere and open discussions have fortified our passionate commitment to creating an innovative, holistic, transitional program serving young adults with learning challenges.

Diana, Brad and I are all parents of children with disabilities. Our collective experience sitting on boards serving individuals with disabilities, as well as that as parents, led us to an important realization and the impetus for forming BroadFutures. That realization centered on the fact that once our young people become adults, their support disappears but their disabilities do not. They are in a critical period of transition and lack appropriate resources to ensure they can become successful, independent adults. This is poignantly reflected in the abysmal employment statistics for persons with disabilities. The young men and women BroadFutures is serving are falling through the cracks. Many are not eligible for governmental programs, yet they are also clearly not able to mainstream into careers and higher education seamlessly.

We feel strongly that our young people need more transitional programs to empower their potential. We also recognize the present, dynamic shift that is happening with respect to the employment of persons with disabilities. Employers are increasingly recognizing the many benefits of employing young men and women with disabilities in creating a diverse, qualified workforce. This is the perfect time to engage our communities and create more meaningful opportunities and support for these young people.

I have taken a leave from my career as a litigator to devote myself wholly to this effort, as I recognize the magnitude of its importance to our generation of parents, educators, professionals, and advocates. I also fervently believe that no one provider, employer, association, disability group, or person can do this alone. There is a Kenyan Proverb that simply says, “Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable.” And so we begin this journey of broadening the futures of our young men and women, thankful for the opportunity to be part of the bundle.

Finally, BroadFutures would not exist without the profound inspiration derived from the courage and daily, tireless effort of my own daughter and her many peers to overcome their learning and social challenges. If I can put in half that effort, with half the bravery, we are bound for success.

Thanks again for your interest. We look forward to your partnership.

Carolyn K. Jeppsen
Co-Founder, CEO & President