A New and Busy Season at BroadFutures
We have been working hard getting ready for our 2018 programs and preparing for our FALL GALA! 
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Interns of Winter 2017

We are accepting applications for our Winter 2018 Program! 

We are continuing to grow, and we will have expanded programs in 2018. We have a fabulous group of inspired employer partners who are looking forward to helping empower another cohort of BroadFutures interns. 

Important Dates…….


September 26th, 9:30-11:00: Information Session – 2013 H Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20006

October 15th, 2017: Winter 2018 Program applications due 

March 15th, 2018: Summer 2018 Program applications due 

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Employer Spotlight: 
Eagle Bank

BroadFutures Summer 2017 intern Alexander Milliken with Eagle Bank Supervisors Marcicel Pascua (left) and Vi Sieu Duong (right).

This month we are proud to honor Eagle Bank, one of our dedicated employer partners. Eagle Bank is one of the leading community banks in the D.C. Metropolitan area. Founded with a desire to shape the typical banking style and include banking in local communities, Eagle Bank has a mission to be the most respected and profitable community bank.

Eagle Bank’s emphasis on community resonates well with BroadFutures, in our mission to create a more diverse and inclusive community in the workplace. Eagle Bank began its partnership with BroadFutures during our Winter 2017 program, hosting two interns- one in Human Resources, and one at the corporate headquarters. The partnership was such a success that they decided to partner with us again for our Summer 2017 program. Senior Vice President and Real Estate Lending Team Leader Ken Gray described the benefit of having a BroadFutures intern: “We learned how to interact with and assist our intern to develop personally while enabling him to make a positive contribution to our business. Our intern was able to learn about commercial real estate finance and hone his social interaction skills in a very diverse workplace environment.” Ken then went on to describe EagleBank’s overall experience with BroadFutures: Eagle’s participation in the BroadFutures intern program was a very positive experience. The BroadFutures staff was very responsive. The communication and follow up with us along the way made the process run very smoothly….Best of all, we were able to watch a young man gain confidence and develop personally on a daily basis. We look forward to a long association with the BroadFutures intern program.”

We are thankful for Eagle Bank’s commitment to joining the effort to create an inclusive workforce that embraces people with disabilities. We look forward to a continued partnership with Eagle Bank in 2018 and beyond!

Intern Spotlight: 
Toby Henley

This month we are shining the spotlight on BroadFutures alumnus Toby Henley. Toby began his BroadFutures journey as a Summer 2016 intern at the Association of University Centers on Disability (AUCD). The internship was very rewarding, and the experience contributed a great deal to Toby’s personal and professional development. Seeking more opportunities for growth, Toby then returned to BroadFutures for our Summer 2017 Alumni Program. He spent an incredible second summer interning for one of our newest employer partners, Discovery Communications, in their Information Technology department. Toby says that something he admires most about working with Discovery is the people with whom he works and the friendly atmosphere the company has. The internship was so successful that Discovery offered Toby an ongoing position as a contractor for the Information Technology department following his BroadFutures graduation. In addition to his new job, Toby plans to take classes at Montgomery College during the Fall and/or Spring semester of this school year. 

When asked how Toby was impacted by BroadFutures, Toby was eager to share these remarks: “BroadFutures helped me feel less awkward in social situations and taught me how to ask for help without feeling like I’m wasting someone else’s time. It’s a very inspiring program.”

Good luck to Toby in all of his future endeavors!
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