Improving the Gap

Though comprising the largest disability group in the United States, young people with learning disabilities (LD) remain underserved, underrepresented, and at risk for failure. 

Among LD youth:

  • Only 41 percent complete post-secondary education
  • Only 46 percent are able to obtain regular paid employment within two years of graduating from high school
  • 92 percent of individuals diagnosed with a LD have incomes less than $50,000 within 8 years of graduating from high school 
  • 67 percent have earned $25,000 or less
  • 85 percent of incarcerated youth have learning and/or emotional disabilities

Young people with learning disabilities are generally not supported by governmental programs and are often unable to mainstream successfully into a career or higher education. This gap creates a critical need for supported transition for these young people who are at risk of failing out of school or failing to find fulfilling employment. 

BroadFutures programs are designed to address this gap and to improve the graduation and employment rates for young people with learning disabilities. 

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