If your child is accepted into our program, there are certain guidelines that we follow regarding communication with you.

  • We like to partner with families and we want to see parents involved in their young adult’s journey with us. However, we also want our participants to take charge of their own experience and become independent. We encourage you to stay in communication with your child directly about how they are doing in their program, their successes and their areas for growth.
  • There will be ongoing general communication with parents via email throughout the duration of the program on a monthly basis.
  • Once the program begins, individual communications will be made directly with the interns, and individual communications with parents will be made on an as needed basis.
  • Staff will be in touch with parents if there are concerns with an intern’s performance in the program or ability to successfully complete the program.
  • If a serious concern arises during the program, parents can schedule an in-person or telephonic meeting with staff.
  • At no time should parents communicate directly with their child’s employer or visit the place of employment, unless specifically invited by the employer to do so.
  • We have two presentation ceremonies— one at the end of our initial training period, and a graduation ceremony at the end of the program. We strongly encourage parents to join us. Both of these presentations serve as wonderful opportunities to learn directly what we have been doing in training and to learn more about your child’s experience.