BroadFutures’ program provides a unique focus on stress reduction and tolerance within a holistic training, mentoring and internship program.

Our belief is that by actively engaging and supporting young people with learning challenges to tolerate, manage and reduce stress they will be able to more successfully navigate the workplace and their futures.

  • Young adults between the ages of 18 and 26 with learning disabilities that affect their attention, organization, and social functioning.
  • Young adults who are in transition either from high school to college or community college, taking a break from their educational pursuits, or are focusing on workforce development skills.
  • Young adults who:
    • Possess a high school diploma, or are working towards a high school diploma;
    • Have a documented learning disability;
    • Are receptive to direction and responsive to guidance;
    • Are able to work at a consistent pace.

BroadFutures Flow Chart

  • Paid, line positions that provide meaningful and economic value to both intern and employer.
  • Focus on employment where employers’ needs are identified and correlated with the education, experience, skills and interest of the interns.
  • Internships will be 7 to 11 weeks in duration, 20 hours a week.
  • Internships may be extended by mutual agreement of intern, employer, and BroadFutures.
  • Internship candidacy will be competitive.
  • Selection will be based upon:
    • Workforce Readiness Assessment;
      • Holistic in nature with social/emotional focus
    • Academic transcripts;
    • Neuropsychological or psychological assessment;
    • Interview;
    • Letters of recommendation;
    • A statement of interest;
    • Observations.

Broad Futures will provide training and frequent monitoring to ensure the success and efficacy of the internships.

Training will consist of a two week orientation period and one day a week throughout the internship.

Training will incorporate a HOLISTIC approach:

    • With a curriculum that uniquely focuses on stress tolerance, flexibility and social supports, in addition to workforce preparedness and effective communication.
    • Incorporates yoga, drama, mediation, cognitive exercise and mindfulness.

Interns Doing Yoga

  • As part of a systematic approach to guarantee objective success, BroadFutures will engage mentors to supervise, support and act as effective liaisons between the interns and the employer.
  • A robust communication feedback loop will connect all stakeholders (employer, intern, BroadFutures, and parents) regarding job performance, utilizing:
    • A data model providing information on intern success, expectations, and areas for improvement;
    • Weekly meetings to discuss performance.
  • Employers will be appropriately educated in necessary accommodations, as well as skills and capabilities for all placed interns.
  • Forums will be provided where employers can share effective practices and lessons learned from internships.
  • Interns will be awarded certificates upon successful completion of internships.
  • Employers will similarly be awarded BroadFutures “Seals of Approval” following participation in the internship program.