Change your life.

BroadFutures serves young people who:

  • Are between the ages of 18 and 26.
  • Have received a high school diploma.
  • Have a documented learning disability or ADHD.
  • Have the cognitive ability to continue with higher education.
  • Are transitioning from high school to college or community college, taking a break from educational pursuits, or focusing on workforce skills.
  • Are responsive to direction and able to work independently.
  • Are highly motivated to be in our program.

BroadFutures Program Dates and Costs:

  • Virtual Fall Strengths Program: 9/29/2020 – 10/30/2020
    • $3,250
    • Sign up here.
    • Sign up for an additional optional Independent Project/Portfolio:
      • 10/30/20 – 11/27/20
      • $1,050
  • Winter 2021 Program: 1/25/2021 – 4/16/2021
    • $6,800

BroadFutures has a strong commitment to SCHOLARSHIPS. Admissions decisions are need blind and scholarships are available to qualified students. 

Parents, read more here.

Create an inclusive workplace.

Our program provides employers the opportunity to build a talented, inclusive and diverse workplace. The satisfaction rate of employers who partner with us has been uniformly outstanding. Young people with learning disabilities ensure a bottom line benefit and provide a capable and committed workforce.

Research shows that individuals with disabilities consistently perform as well as or better than those without disabilities and receive positive performance ratings. Additionally, by employing young people with learning disabilities, employers derive benefits from a commitment to active corporate responsibility.

A better future is possible.

Why I Donate:

Giving Levels

We welcome all contributions. Every donation is critical. To learn more about our program click here. To see our current donor list click here.